About Us

Chinamultiservice Consulting Co., Ltd. is a consulting firm specializing in providing services to companies, institutions, and foreign economic entities intending to enter the Chinese market. Registered as a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise, Chinamultiservice has its registered office in Kunming, Yunnan Province. In contrast to the trend in recent years that led more companies to open their offices in major Chinese cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the choice by Chinamultiservice Consulting Co., Ltd. to open in 2005 in Kunming, was dictated by two main reasons: the first is the very good relations we have with local government authorities, and the second is the strategic geographical location on the border with Vietnam, Laos and Burma, which makes Yunnan, and its capital, Kunming, the most important crossroads for the entire Southeast Asia market. The company also mantains one office branch in Chengdu, one of the most important economic, transportation and communication centers in Western China.


Our goals

Our goal is to promote and give assistance to private companies, individuals, and institutions planning on developing economic relations with China. We believe that mutual understanding between diverse cultures is the foundation of any business relationship, both professional and private. Our typical customer ranges from small to medium enterprises and other foreign institutions to which we offer assistance, support, and logistical help for organizing events and establishing cultural and political exchange with their Chinese counterparts. We are aware of the difficulties encountered in taking the first steps in the unknown Asian market, - a market requiring a careful and focused approach.
The dynamism and spirit of our company adopts a perspective of openness to all...

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Marco Conti

Marco Conti is a graduate in Political Science from the University of Pisa. Aware of the great development opportunities in Asia, Marco spent a long time in Germany where he studied Chinese. After this he moved to China, where for several years, he has been developing a network of relationships..

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Augusto Bordini

Augusto Bordini graduated in 1986 in Economics from the University of Ancona. He has been an expert in Marketing and International Trade since 1990 assisting Italian entrepreneurs in the design and implementation of development operations in foreign markets. Augusto has much experience...

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